вторник, 29 марта 2016 г.

Wezom visited CeBIT 2016

‪#‎CeBIT_2016‬ came to a successful close!
In a word, ‪#‎CeBIT‬ made digitalization tangible.
We are happy to share with you that ‪#‎Wezom‬ Studio also visited this amazing digital event with the further aim to become an integral part of the IT Global Society!
Wezom is positively tuned in the anticipation of finding business soul-mates who share the same attitudes and desire to expand, move on and make progress.
🔷 Please visit us at http://wezom.com/
🔷 Email office@wezom.com
🔷 Feel free to call +1 888 269 97 12
Let You Have a Happy Week,
Wezom Studio Team

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