понедельник, 21 марта 2016 г.

Let’s transform your ideas into vivid installations! WEZOM STUDIO PRESENTS YOU the service of 3D features: - 3D Modeling We create 3D models of vehicles, buildings, constructions, objects, etc. 3D objects are easily perceived than any vector graphs or plain texts. - 3D Animation We can easily reconstruct any idea, scene or mechanical process. Such vivid installations can be applied to any presentation, show, educational project, etc. - 3D Rendering We develop the external design of scenes, locations, buildings. All of the visualization is maximized closely to reality. - Video editing We are always ready to elaborate the video, with special effects embedded. Maximize any object, action, scene, mechanism closer to reality with Wezom 3D services! Visit us at http://wezom.com/ Best regards, Wezom Studio Team

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